What's it all about?

Awaken in Snæfellsnes


“I felt gutted when she said that and left”

“When I saw him, I had a lump in my throat, so big I could hardly speak”

“When the launch date approaches, he always gets cold feet and prospones”


These are not only expressions or just a figure of speech. There are few things that influence us more than our own emotions and feelings.


All emotions and feelings, as many as they are, come from one of two base feelings. The feeling of love or the feeling of fear. That is really all there is.


As feelings of love are our natural state, we are very well off in our mind and spirit (and body for that matter) when all (or almost all) of our emotions and feelings are based on love.


But when there are feelings and emotions rooted in fear, it does leave a mark. Those need to be resolved and once up to speed they can be dealt on a daily basis for a minute or to.


As most of us are not up to speed with resolving past, negative emotions - they get in our way in our daily lives.


Unresolved emotions and feelings linger in the body, each in a different part of the body. Hence the “cold feet” or the “lump in the throat”

The program I offer clears fear-based emotions from the body in a permanent way. If they seem to linger on, it is only the mind (or the ego) holding on and that is not a very strong hold.


The program does not offer insight to past events, or a chance to see them in a different light and understand the self and others and letting go. It is not about untying any knots, it is about cutting them.


I have offered that service and it can be lovely, but there is an awakening going on in the world and not everyone has the time for the conventional aproach. The program I’m offering “Awaken in Snæfellsnes” has similar effects (in only 40 hours) as months (sometimes years) of regression work or therapy.


It can be nice to mentally confront our ill-doers and let them have the shame and then understanding and letting go of the events, but who has the time or the schedule to do so.

We just need to be willing to free ourselves, willing to let go of emotions and fears that hold us back, willing to find the joy of life again, of happiness and laughter. Painstaking regressions or mental visits to past events are not necessary, only the decision to choose a happier life.