Spiritual story, the short version

My name is Þormóður Símonarson and I began on my spiritual path 1997 when I gave up using swearwords, in 2001 I made a decision to do only things that were good for me (no one can flip their live around over night, so I used e.g. sugar for quite some time after that).


In 2002 I heard about past life experiences.

In 2004 I began Reiki healing and became a level 3 Reiki healer.

In 2005 I became a hypnosis practitioner,

In 2009 I added another healing, Magnified Healing, level one.

In 2014 I trained to become a live coach

In 2016 I became a certified Law of Attraction practitioner (certification by Dr. Joe Vitale)


I believe emotions to be one of the most real thing in the world. Often when I use hypnosis to bring people to their past live times, I’ve sometimes asked “What is your job in this life?” only to get a vague answer like, “It is something related to bread.” But when I ask about a relationship with a spouse or a parent, the answer is both clear and detailed.

In this time and age in western society we have ignored feelings and emotions for very long and we have a big pile of dirty laundry, so to speak, or emotional baggage. To use guided meditation, hypnosis, the pure nature of Iceland and healing all combined will drastically diminish the pile. Once a person is up to speed with emotional clearing, keeping it up to par is easy.