Two nights, one and a half day

Arrival time is early evening, as I get a fire going and play music we settle into the energy of the weekend ahead. As the evening progresses you might like to use it to finish making the list of all people, places and circumstances that have ever been unpleasant for you, as well as dreams and desires that always seem to be out of reach. (everyone writes “Mum and dad” but other items could be: speeding car, prom, Christmas, Georg, childhood home, loving marriage, my own business).


Next morning begins with a hypnosis and a healing session where we use the list to clear the body of all emotions from those past events. This session can be from one to three hour long and is powerful enough to clear limiting belives and blocked emotions from this livetime as well as past lives.


After the hypnosis there is a grounding walk to the beach (about 13 minutes away) and, weather permitting, a guided meditation by the waves of the Atlantic ocean. After the meditation there is time for refreshment (my wife makes superb vegan pancakes).


Next is a drive to a black pebble beach, framed with lava cliffs. This beach is very similar to the end of the world and we will use it as such. At the end of the world we will have a ceremony to part with abilities (often those brought by items/people on the list). As we turn back, the end of the world becomes the beginning of the world - a new beginning.


The evening is a relaxing one, it might include a spiritual movie or more time in nature.


On the second morning there will be a hypnosis towards the future. You will experience the brightest possible future you can have and how that future feels. You will also see the steps you need to take to manifest and live the vision of that last session of the weekend.


Departure toward Reykjavik/KEF airport is after lunch.